Innovations In Sleep-Disordered Breathing.

35 million* adults in the U.S. suffer from simple snoring
with almost as many unhappy sleep partners. inSleep® Health has developed
a unique active therapy to treat simple snoring. This groundbreaking device,
the Cloud9® C-LAP™ Anti-Snoring System, provides continuous low level airway
pressure to eliminate or reduce simple snoring.
*Source: "Is it snoring or sleep apnea?" Dennis Hwang, MD, Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center. American Sleep Apnea Association.

About Us

We are dedicated to finding the solution to eliminate or reduce simple snoring. Our goal is to eliminate stress caused between snorers and their bed partners due to simple snoring.

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The inSleep® Health Difference

Thanks to the Cloud9® System’s revolutionary technology and creative design, millions of people no longer need to suffer from simple snoring.

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35 Million Snorers!

35 million adults in the United States identify themselves as simple snorers. Snorers and their bed partners spend millions of dollars annually in search of remedies.

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Passionately Dedicated

Committed to innovative health solutions, our team has decades of experience in sleep disorders, respiratory therapy and medical device development.

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