Our Story

At inSleep® Health, we are dedicated to providing a solution for the millions of people
impacted by simple snoring. Through innovative product engineering, consumer-friendly
design, and ongoing clinical research with world-renowned experts, we aim to deliver
a good night’s sleep. Our anthem, Performance at Rest™, underscores our commitment to
a snoring solution that works—and a better next day performance
for snorers and their bed partners.

Delivering Performance at Rest

35 million adults in the United States suffer from simple snoring, with almost as many disturbed bed partners. In 2008, Michael Gusky founded inSleep® Health to research treatments for simple snoring, also known as asymptomatic snoring. After years of development and testing, the Cloud9® Anti-Snoring System was created, employing an active therapy to treat simple snoring.

About Cloud9®

The Cloud9® C-LAP™ Anti-Snoring System is a prescription-only device that delivers continuous low level airway pressure to greatly reduce or entirely eliminate snoring.

The innovative Cloud9® System design provides the wearer with more comfort and freedom than cumbersome CPAP devices, used by those who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

  • Our NiteCap™ Fit System is easily adjustable and slips on like a baseball cap. It is extremely comfortable and its 360° swivel allows the wearer to sleep comfortably in any position due to several patented and patent-pending features.
  • The first of its kind, the light and flexible Butterfly™ nasal interface provides comfortable airflow and seals under the nose without penetrating the the nostrils.
  • The hose is significantly smaller and more flexible than the “elephant’s trunk” commonly used with CPAP devices. It is customized to the wearer’s face and head, and moves easily on a swivel.
  • Our Air Flow Unit (which attaches to the hose) is much smaller and quieter than a typical CPAP device, making it portable and discreet.

Learn more about how the system works.

The Cloud9® System was developed with world-renowned sleep disorder experts at a world leading academic medical center. The device features progressive technology and the latest innovations in comfort and efficiency.

Quality Policy

inSleep® Health commits to design, manufacture, and market the highest quality solutions that satisfy product requirements, regulatory requirements and exceed the expectations of our key constituents: our prescribing clinicians and our treated consumers and their bed partners.

Never satisfied with the status quo, inSleep® Health will be forever focused on pairing innovative design with the implementation of effective quality systems to support our goal to deliver Performance at Rest™.