Meet Our Team

With decades of experience in respiratory therapy and medical device development, our leadership team is committed to innovative solutions for those who suffer from simple snoring.

Michael Lauk

Michael Lauk, Ph.D

Scientific Technology Advisor

Dr. Lauk joined inSleep® Health in March 2009. He has extensive knowledge and experience in respiratory therapy and devices, having spent a large part of his career involved in R&D and manufacturing projects of medical device companies specializing in respiratory devices. His research experience was centered on neurology and breathing disorders. He has published more than 25 articles in renowned international journals, working with leading scientific and clinical institutions in the U.S. and Germany.

Career Highlights

Two-time CEO, founder and co-founder of three companies. Led over 50 medical device R&D projects for start-ups as well as major players in the industry.


Dr. Lauk earned his PH.D in Physics from Boston University and Freiburg University, Germany (summa cum laude) and his Bachelor of Science degree at Freiburg University, Germany.