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Our dedication to Performance at Rest™ means there is a treatment
to eliminate or reduce snoring
for millions of Americans who suffer from asymptomatic snoring
as well as their sleep partners.
The Cloud9® Anti-Snoring System uses active therapy to treat simple snoring.

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Breakthrough Treatment for Simple Snoring

The Cloud9® C-LAP™ Anti-Snoring System is a prescription-only device that delivers continuous low level airway pressure to greatly reduce or entirely eliminate snoring.

Our NiteCap™ Fit System is easily adjustable and slips on like a baseball cap. It is extremely comfortable and its 360° swivel allows the wearer to sleep comfortably in any position due to several patented and patent-pending features:

  • Our Butterfly™ Nasal Interface is small and lightweight, and the first of its kind that seals without penetrating the nostrils.
  • The Butterfly™ is also anthropometrically self-adjusting to fit nearly any nose shape or size.
  • The hoses are arched at the sides and the top connection can turn 360 degrees for maximum comfort and to negate any user concern of cutting off the air supply.
  • The Air Flow Unit delivers comfortable, individually adjustable low pressure air at perfectly regulated doses. HEPA filtration along with HME ensures purified humidified air. This part of the system is a fraction of the size of the CPAP devices and is compact and portable.

With the Cloud9® System, snorers and their bed partners can look forward to a comfortable, restful sleep. NiteCap™ Fit System conforms to the user’s face allowing sleep in any position and the flexible air hose can be easily disconnected when needed.

Development of the Cloud9® System has been a collaborative effort of experienced medical device engineers, pulmonary scientists, and world-renowned sleep disorder experts at a leading academic medical center. Cloud9® System is not recommended for treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but can reduce or eliminate asymptomatic snoring.

A Snoring Remedy Alternative

Many consumers who suffer from simple snoring have tried nasal strips, mouthpieces, sprays and pillows which all yielded poor results. Some patients have looked to bulky CPAP devices, used by Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients, for relief of snoring. These machines deliver continuous high air pressure and require the patient to wear a mask connected to the recognizable frontal “elephant’s trunk” hose, which is cumbersome to wear to bed. CPAP devices are often poorly tolerated by those who are classified as simple snorers, and can restrict movement and sleeping position.


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