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Every person deserves a night of restful, uninterrupted sleep.
Simple snoring can be a source of stress for both snorers and their bed partners.

Simple Snorers in the U.S.

35 million adults in the United States have identified themselves as problem snorers and are asymptomatic for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Every year, these adults spend approximately $780 million on over-the-counter sleep remedies. Among these, are products designed to reduce snoring such as nasal strips, chin straps, mouth guards and pillows. Many also try to increase their hydration levels. Sleep partners often resort to using earplugs or sleep medication, or sleeping at different times or in different bedrooms.

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Effects of Snoring on Patients and Their Bed Partners

Men and women both suffer from simple snoring. They become aware of their snoring through their bed partners, who are negatively impacted. They are overwhelmingly motivated to take action because of their sleep partner’s discomfort from lack of uninterrupted sleep, and the resulting stress.